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Customer Care Web and Mobile Analytics

Different ways your customers interact with you will lead to different experiences. Thats o.k.

What are the common metrics you would like to measure which drive customer satisfaction and has an impact to your bottom line ? Some of the top metrics we found out which Call Center managers track are :

  1. Response Time – Even though customers donot rate this as their #1 problem, they see poor response times as a symptom of – you dont really care, you are cutting staff or that you are just incompetent. This applies to both inbound queries via emails and voicemessages left when they call you during non-business hours.
  2. Call Center Volume and Abandon Rates – The definition of Abandon Rate from Investopedia is “The percentage of inbound phone calls made to a call center or service desk that are abandoned by the customer before speaking to an agent. It is calculated as abandoned calls divided by total inbound calls (in percent).” 

    Abandon rates have a direct relation to waiting times. The longer the time that customers have to wait before being connected to an agent, the higher the abandon rate is likely to be. This also applies to live chat services. Statistics point out that most customers (up to 60%) will outright abandon a site if they dont get hold of someone, you can lose potential prospects and upset otherwise happy customers if you don’t keep a close eye on these numbers.
  3. Resolution Rate by Count and Product Line – It’s obvious – the faster you resolve a problem, the more your customers will love you for it. Call center managers prefer resolving issues via email / twitter because of the scalable model.

Imagine tracking the top three Customer Care metrics daily real-time via a mobile or web dashboard for your companys product or services. 

Imagine the power in the hands of your call center managers – when they can hour over hour comparisons or shift over shift comparisons of Issue resolution counts. They would be delighted and empowered by the fact that they can see an issue trending from twitter and deal with it before it becomes a irreversible media outlash.

SecondPrism analytics provides live, unbiased, actionable Customer experience data. Talk to us now if you want to know more.