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Mobile Retail Analytics

What they say on twitter, facebook or surveys at your finger tips


No more guesswork.
Introducing a state-of-art analytics system that enables retailers and CPG marketers to see and analyze in-store shopper behavior, in real time. Imagine the questions your Store Managers have :

  1. Are shoppers engaged with that new brand or new product?
  2. Is the in-store offer working?
  3. Does off-shelf outperform on-shelf?
  4. Are out-of-stocks getting out of hand?
  5. What did customers say last week on the surveys?
  6. What are they saying this week about us on twitter and facebook ?
  7. Is shrink affecting customer feedback ?

Now you know. And you can take immediate action.

SecondPrism analytics provides live, unbiased, actionable store data . Unlike research techniques that rely solely on surveys, focus groups and projections – you can connect to backend systems and give reports and dashboards to people who are constantly on the go like your store managers.

Finally, you can measure what really works with your shoppers. So you can respond better and increase your profits. 

Access to feedback from live in-store shopper data by category, brand, aisle, endcap and tying that to to POS data gives you an end to end view of your retail store performance.
lighthouse_fluid_iconWant @lighthouseapp activity reports to take anywhere? @secondprism lets you set up mobile reporting for your Lighthouse account!  
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