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SPSS Web Dashboards, Charts and Visualization

The SecondPrism™ SPSS Visualization Designer allows you to visualize data in your mobile device and interact with the data seamlessly.

The data is uploaded on to SecondPrism™ INSIGHT and you can run models on it to produce dashboards and reports.  Wieghtage changes for certain variables can be changed based on your responses and sample sizes.

SPSS Decision Tree

The SecondPrism™ SPSS Decision Tree is generated based on a probabilistic model and data collected from surveys. The SecondPrism™ SPSS Decision Tree allows you to visualize data in your mobile device and interact with the data seamlessly.

SPSS Web  Dashboard Demo

Many people wonder if they really need SPSS software to do SPSS data analysis. It’s a great question – especially since it’s been around so long and has been the standard tool for data analysis for Market Researchers for decades.

There’s no doubt, SPSS is a good solution for some researchers, particularly those with advanced degrees in statistics and market research. It has a long list of features – but a long list of training requirements as well. The problem is just that: most people – including many professional marketing researchers – simply don’t need all the features available in SPSS. They don’t even come close to using them in their day-to-day work.

This is one of the reasons we created our simple Crosstab functionality in Secondprism. This feature has become so popular with researchers, marketing professionals, and anyone whose job involves SPSS data analysis. SecondPrism has the statistical analysis features you actually need, in a web-based package that’s incredibly convenient and easy to use, plus it has the online reporting platform built right in – a key feature that SPSS simply cannot offer in its desktop-installed software.

Working in SecondPrism is easier, period. Interpreting and presenting results is much easier. Plus, SecondPrism typically costs thousands of dollars less than the traditional tools. If your job involves analyzing survey data, you owe it to yourself to try SecondPrism and see the difference. Another great thing about Secondprism ? It doesn’t care what format your data is in or where it came from. While it is a great solution for SPSS data analysis, SecondPrism can handle all the leading survey data formats, including SPSS, Excel, SAS, Triple-S, Exports from Survey Analytics®, QuestionPro® and SurveyMonkey®.

You can imagine that we have a lot of .sav files uploaded everyday.