360 Degree Patient Experience

Posted on 13 Feb 2014 in   Big Data, Health care, Information

Patients drive your business, for better or for worse, your patients,and their perceptions of your office directly affect your bottom line. With everyone writing anonymous reviews online it’s so hard to really predict what’s true and what’s been written out of spite. Is that really a patient review or a competing office trying to wreck your reputation? What’s one way to get business from your competitor? Making them look and sound worse of course. WIth SecondPrism you’ll no longer need to question what your patients are actually saying or thinking, all of that information will be at your fingertips, updating in real time. We understand what it is like to want to give your patients a positive experience each and every visit, which is why we believe in the 360 Patient Experience.

The 360 Patient Experience means that from the moment your patient enters your doors until the time they leave they feel that they’ve been taken care of in every way possible and subsequently leave your office with a very sweet taste in their mouths instead of dreading their follow up appointment, or worse- never making that follow up appointment. By utilizing a 360 Patient Experience approach, your staff will understand how it feels to think about the patients like you do, and they’ll also get a feel for that sense of pride that comes from patient satisfaction. Your staff is an extension of you and your practice, therefore one bad experience can ruin their entire view of you as their physician while one great experience has the power to void the negative. By utilizing your custom branded dashboard from SecondPrism you will be able to see who and what is affecting your patients and thus your bottom line.

With one simple 3 question survey that can be emailed to your patients or conveniently taken in your office from your SecondPrism iPad while they wait, in less than 5 minutes you’ll have your patients thoughts and feelings about their experience in your office and with your staff before you even walk into the room. With the ability to explore from your desktop or mobile device, you can address any situation that arises in record time, whether it be positive or negative. Having the capability to control your office is one huge step in giving your patients the best 360 Patient Experience. SecondPrism makes giving every patient the 360 Patient Experience accessible, affordable and easy.