Improving Patient Experience

Posted on 07 Feb 2014 in   Big Data, Health care, Information

Health care providers face mounting pressures to do more with less – to improve the quality of care, enhance the patient experience and drive greater efficiencies across the care continuum. With growing operational complexity and, the ability to understand and improve the patient experience will directly impact long-term success of a health care organization.

Across the whole continuum of care, driving targeted and sustainable improvement is not easy. Every touchpoint with a patient produces data, some of the data is related directly to the Patient and some of them affects their experience. Disparate data across multiple dimensions of the patient experience is what we are trying to bring together. Through a combination of collection and analytic services, Secondprism can offer insights and  solutions to offer health care organizations a competitive edge in measuring and improving their patient experience.

Recently, patient experience data has been correlated to clinical outcomes and patient-safety events. And, as key stakeholders and advocates of care delivery, care givers – and their voices are as important as the voice of the patient. By bringing together the insights and perspectives across patients, physicians and employees, organizations can better understand opportunities of improvement or even include new services to help meet Patient needs.