Online reviews and how they affect your medical practice

Posted on 14 Feb 2014 in   Big Data, Health care

With consumers researching everything online prior to going to a restaurant, a movie, and yes even a new doctor, It’s imperative that your practice stays on top this and the best way to do that is with a proactive approach VS a reactive approach.  By being proactive this means that you and your staff are ensuring the best possible patient experience, from start to finish, each visit for that patient. How do you accomplish that though, with everyone expecting different things out of you and your staff?

Take your patients temperature. By conducting simple surveys you will be ahead of the trend, and be able to address your patients concerns and continue to highlight the positives and improve upon them. (conversely, should your patients be harbouring ill sentiments, you’ll know this in almost real-time allowing you to make needed adjustments before losing that patient to a competing doctor) We all know that there is room for improvement in basically every aspect of our careers, personal life, relationships with others, etc. How great would it be if you could track, for a period of 6 months, your patients raw feelings on every aspect of your practice, from front desk greetings to sign out procedures and everything in between? This data is one of the most valuable things you as the Physician can have. You are entrusting your business to certain people and if they are having a problem, wouldn’t it be better to address that in-house before it becomes everyone’s business online and damages your reputation. These days negative reviews are weighed so heavily by potential patients and customers that you will lose out on valuable business and not even know it.

Are you wanting your practice to plateau or grow into the flourishing practice you envisioned while in med school. This is where collecting raw data comes in and you get to see whatever your patients are thinking as soon as that data syncs, without having to climb the administrative ladder and you hearing about an issue possibly weeks after the fact. With positive reviews your practice stands to gain a steady increase of new patients. With caring staff your practice will have an outstanding patient retention percentage. It’s a win win for everyone. By garnishing great online reviews it’s easy to gain and retain those coveted new patients for the life of your practice!