Patient & Staff feedback and how that directly relates to Patient & Staff retention.

Posted on 07 Feb 2014 in   Health care, Information

There are multiple things causing our favored doctors headaches within their own practices, some of these may seem almost impossible to manage, until now. Imagine knowing that the reason your patient retention went down 5% last month was due to an office manager with not so great people skills? What if you could predict and prevent that loss by simply logging into your custom SecondPrism dashboard and seeing how your patients are feeling about your office staff that month? All of that, plus much more is a very real possibility with the assistance of SecondPrism. By emailing your patients a brief, painless 3 question survey each month we can help you determine what percentage is happy/unhappy, how well your office staff is operating when you’re busy checking on patients, and how likely your  patients are to stay/leave based off of this data.

Unfortunately you can’t be everywhere at once and poor staff will drive away patients quickly, as you could imagine. Have you ever considered that if the staff isn’t behaving  the way they should in regards to your patients, that maybe it is the staff who are unhappy? There are three things which affects your Patients & Staff’s experience and they are : People, Process and Place. By using SecondPrism you can have a 360 degree of these 3 datapoints in your dashboard.

In addition to access to honest patient and employee feedback you can feel secure in the fact that at SecondPrism we operate on secured networks. Your dashboard and all information/ data gathered for that dashboard is completely secure and always confidential.