SPSS – Frequencies, Counts and Percents

Posted on 16 Oct 2013 in   Data Visualization, SPSS

Counts and percents are wonderful statistics because they are easy to explain and quickly grasped.  We at SecondPrism , use counts to answer the most basic questions when we deal with data coming from files – spss and excel. Questions like – ‘How many people were Male who liked this product ?’ use frequencies to get answers.  Frequencies also form the very foundation of most explanations of probability.  They are an excellent place to begin understanding any data you may work with.

In SPSS you can access Frequencies using the following menu options :





Select Analyze > Descriptve Statistics > Frequencies










Select one or more variables in the selection list on the left, and move them into the analysis list on the right by clicking on the arrow in between.  Then click OK.












Check the output generated. As you will see, based on the the sample data, in the first table, we have a lot of respondents who did not answer the question – “Do you have a cell phone?”. 42.2 % of the respondents did not answer the question but from the remaining there is a high percent of respondents 31.7% vs 10.5% who have a cell phone.

In the second table, we have more females (51.5%) using/owning cell phones.

Note that this (the second table is one of the few instances where missing values (whether system missing .or user designated missing) does not show up in the default output table.