Start small and go big with mobile reporting

Posted on 16 Sep 2013 in   Mobile BI


A lot of enterprises want to start off duplicating their existing reports on to their mobile device.  This is what we usually don’t recommend.  The 2 key questions we ask are – what are the key datasets you need to take on the mobile and what reports do you check on a more frequent basis.  This usually leads to more selective response and mobile reports are  ‘Subsets’ of existing reports.  This is how you can start off small and also helps with ensuring that the unnecessary data is not transmitted to the devices – keeping mobile apps  fast, and simple.

Remember, you don’t need to make Mobile reports printer friendly. The idea is that a screen capture is more than enough for most mobile users if they want to send that data to somebody. Remember  -Mobile users send emails, they don’t print. When was the last time you saw someone on an iPad attempt to print a document? Sure, it happens, but it’s quite rare. Instead of making a ‘Print’ button the default option, try “PDF & Email” instead. Mail integration is second nature in most apps these days.


As you know, BI users are just as immersed in consumer culture as any other user. For business users and for organizations that have spent time, effort, and money deploying a mobile BI solution, these are simple guidelines that are worth remembering.